As I begin the next phase of the V.Method training in Florida, I no longer have my reputation and referrals as proof that the V.Method really does work, so why do it?

The V.Method was born after 15 years of work in the wellness industry, working with all types of bodies and all types of goals. Through relentless research, trial and error, successes and mistakes, I learned how different bodies respond to exercise, nutrition and motivation.

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I can honestly say I care enormously about each of my clients and become personally connected to their fitness journey. I always say “If you do what I say and don’t change, its my fault and I will fix it”, BUT “if you don’t, its yours and we will work on a way to fix it together”.

With the V.Method you will never again feel frustrated or hopeless, and you will never again be “in this alone”. Helping you reach your goals through personal training, nutrition, group classes, and a little “therapy”, will be my personal goal!

In-home V.Method personal training is now available in the Lakewood Ranch/Sarasota Florida area or by FaceTime nationwide. Please contact me at to begin your journey today!